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"I fell in love with prairies as a young adult, when I got to spend time with an aunt and uncle who were involved in ecological restoration.  I admired the scientific side of what they were doing, and learned about their detailed phenology records.  But it was the beauty of prairies that captured my heart. Their colors and shapes, the many creatures that live there, the long vistas they allow, the way the wind moves them…these were the characteristics that captured my soul."

Peggy TImmerman

When invited to participate in Driftless Prairie Visions, it seemed like a perfect fit for Peggy Timmerman, a long-time artist and landowner dedicated to prairie restoration and reconstruction. Her installation, The Prairie Palette, is a watercolor “chart” that displays the changing colors and numbers of over 80 species over the course of a prairie season. 


Peggy was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. The daughter of a botanist and an artist, she instinctively developed interests in drawing, painting, and the land. These interests fueled her academic pursuits and introduced her to calligraphy – the “art of beautiful writing.” Most recently, she has focused on her love of painting and has participated in numerous programs to further pursue her work in both acrylic and watercolor media. 


As a landowner for the past 28 years, she has spent many hours learning about – and restoring and reconstructing – prairies, savannas, and woodlands. From pulling invasive weeds to using prescribed fire, she has been on the front line of management of the family acreage in southwest Wisconsin. 


Peggy lives with her husband Mark in Lone Rock, WI.

Installation highlights

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