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“As an ecologist, I’m inspired by the multitude of benefits derived from eco-system recycling. As a consumer, I’ve become increasingly aware that my well-intentioned efforts at “wish-cycling” rarely result in fulfillment of these goals. While my project depicts four seasons of Jill’s prairie – which organically recycles itself – I reuse materials that rarely are truly recycled.”

Gigi La Budde

A Recycling Report Card is Gigi La Budde’s first venture into incorporating single use/non-recyclables into sculpture. She creates sculptures from ‘found objects’ – wood, stones, plant and animal materials, rusted metal, broken ceramics – discovered on her walks and explorations. Her sculpture, Oasis (a four-foot-tall camel), has been on display in the lobby of the Pyle Conference Center since 2009 when it was purchased by the University of Wisconsin. 


Gigi is an environmental educator and restoration ecologist providing professional land stewardship services to rural property owners in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. She currently serves as chair of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board. An enthusiastic grower and seller of native plants, such as Goldenseal and Green Dragon, she has been a propagator of native “fleshy-fruited forbs” for 35 years, and volunteers regularly at the Wisconsin State Herbarium mounting plant specimens.

Gigi lives with her husband Michael in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Installation highlights

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